The 1st Open Conference on LSFM

Lightsheet Microscopy has recently re-emerged with the implementation of fluorescence-based instruments, and is on the verge of becoming a major and routine technique in such fields as Developmental Biology, Cell Biology, Systems Biology and Oncology.
Variants include Single Plane Illumination Microscopy (SPIM), Digitally Scanned Lightsheet Microscopy (DSLM), Ultramicroscopy, Objective-Coupled Planar Microscopy (OCPI), Oblique Plane Microscopt (OPM), Multidirectional SPIM (mSPIM), Bessel-Beam-based Lightsheet Microscopy, and Individual Molecules Localization SPIM (IML-SPIM).
All of these variations are now designated by the well accepted denomination:
LightSheet Fluorescence Microscopy (LSFM)
There is a Wikipedia page on LSFM that contains references for further reading.
Since 2009, a broad community of scientists involved in the development of LSFM has gathered yearly to celebrate the LSFM International Workshop.
This year, the community will broaden the impact of the meeting and celebrate the first LSFM conference, open to developers, users, scientists and companies. The conference will feature two days of plenary seminars by experts in the field and presentations of selected abstracts from the scientific community.

We welcome you to join us in Barcelona on September 25-26th 2014.

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The Scientific organization committee:
Jim Swoger, CRG
Julien Colombelli, IRB Barcelona
Pablo Loza-Alvarez, ICFO

LSFM Conference

Featuring the scientific sessions:
> Lightsheet Live Imaging & Applications
> Lightsheet Engineering
> Ultramicroscopy & Optical Clearing
> Super-resolution and Single Molecules
> Image Analysis & Large Data Challenges
> Lightsheet Technology: New Developments
 - Open to everyone -


Confirmed Speakers

Scientific Organizers

  • Julien Colombelli
  • Pablo Loza-Alvarez
  • Jim Swoger


ASI – Applied Scientific Instrumentation
Carl Zeiss
LaVision BioTec